June 24, 2019 | Symposium “Ideas for the Forum Anja Niedringhaus”

Tilly-Haus (Foto: Christoph Luchs)
Tilly-Haus (Foto: Christoph Luchs)

Symposium “Ideas for the Forum Anja Niedringhaus”

Date: June 24, 2019
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.
Place: Forum Jacob Pins

If you are interested, you are welcome to register until 18 June 2019 at:


10:00 a.m. Introduction and welcome

Impulse lectures
10:20 a.m.

  • Cornelia Lange (Architect, Höxter):
    Forum Anja Niedringhaus in the noble court – Renovation of the historically valuable building Westerbachstraße 33 at Höxter

10:40 a.m.

  • Heike Falkenberg (Interior-Designer, Dusseldorf):
    Proposals for museum-architectural interior design as a center for culture and meetings for photography and press freedom

11:00 a.m. Collect ideas

11:10 a.m.

  • Roland Nachtigäller (Director of the Museum Marta Herford):
    Perspectives for a cultural project on the periphery: How can the founding of a museum facility in UrbanLand succeed?

11:40 a.m. Collect ideas

12:00 p.m.

  • Carl Wilhelm Macke (Journalist and board member of the association
    “Journalists help journalists e.V.”):
    Press freedom as a challenge. How dangerous is the journalistic profession?

12:20 p.m. Collect ideas

12:30 p.m.

  • Christoph Luchs (Lecturer Social Media Systems at the Technical University of Central Hesse):
    The importance of digital presence for a cultural project.
    Suggestions for the use of social media.

12:45 p.m Lunch break

13:45 p.m.

  • Michael Ebert (University lecturer at the universities of Hannover and Magdeburg in the degree program photojournalism and documentary photography, photographer and curator, member of the executive board of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie e. V.):
    Which pictures have the power of action? News photography from Murray Becker to
    Anja Niedringhaus

14:15 p.m. Collect ideas

14:30 p.m.

  • Sophie C. Opitz (Scholarship holder of the program “Museum Curators for Photography” of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland):
    Memorial mosaics. On the social dynamics of photography in the context of cultural creation and preservation

15:00 p.m. Collect ideas

15:10 p.m.

  • Clemens Müller (Scenographer, Dortmund):
    Relive the digital aura – museums and their exhibits. Scenography as an interface between art, architecture and design

15:40 p.m.

Joint evaluation: Ideas for the Forum Anja Niedringhaus
(Unique selling point, content orientation, museum didactic implementation, target group oriented programs and offers, cooperation with Forum Jacob Pins, cooperation with schools)

17:00 p.m. The End

Moderation: Stefan Brams, Head of NW Culture Department

Agenda for download (PDF)