You want to support us with a financial “building block”? Each donation contributes to the realization of our Project. Our bank connections:

Forum Anja Niedringhaus e.V.
Tax Number: 326/5913/5890

Sparkasse Höxter
IBAN: DE46 4725 1550 0046 5441 36

VerbundVolksbank OWL
IBAN: DE50 4726 0121 2058 6117 00

As an alternative to bank transfer, payment via PayPal is possible (from the PayPal account or by credit card). You can use the button or the QR code.

Tax number

Donations to the association Forum Anja Niedringhaus are deductible within Germany. For donations up to 200 €, the transfer slip is considered as a donation receipt. For higher sums, we issue a donation receipt.