To commemorate Anja Niedringhaus, a forum for photography is to be created in the heart of Höxter in the historic Tilly House. The commemoration also applies to the victims of war and persecution.

“With great sympathy I have taken note of the fact that the Tillyhaus is to be designed as a meeting place for the exchange and remembrance of Anja Niedringhaus. This perspective deserves all support. The outstanding works, which Anja Niedringhaus was able to present in her much too short life, almost demand a discussion about causes of flight and flight consequences. That this is particularly urgent in the current situation in Germany, Europe and the world, can only be added.”

Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer

Follow the example of the Jacob Pins Society and continue the dream.

On the 5th February, 2017, we founded the society called the “Forum Anja Niedringhaus – a Society for journalistic and artistic Photography”. The articles of this society were signed by 20 of the founding members who included former teachers and fellow pupils of Anja and also members of the Jacob Pins Society. It is our aim to create something which Anja would agree with.

The Jacob Pins Society acted as a shining example for us. It entered the public eye some 10 years ago with the message: “We have a dream”. Something very special developed from this, namely the Forum Jacob Pins which is situated in the Adelshof Heisterman von Ziehlberg, which is a listed timber-framed building in Höxter. This Forum is dedicated to the artist Jacob Pins, who was born in Höxter and fled from the Nazis to Palestine and who, in a remarkable gesture of extreme reconciliation and friendship, donated most of his works to his home town in his later years.

We would like to take up and realise this dream by establishing the Forum Anja Niedringhaus in the not yet restored Tilly-Haus which dates from 1610 and is part of the Adelshof in the Westerbachstrasse in Höxter and which was originally the residence of the Chancellor of the Corvey monastery. The intention of linking two objectives would be especially rewarding as has been the case with the Forum Jacob Pins. On the one hand an important person and ambassador of the town would be commemorated, and on the other hand, an additional building of historic interest would be revitalised.

According to our plans, the Adelshof should not only be a museum which honours Anja’s life and achievements, but the rooms of the Adelshof should also be used as a cultural centre where people of different walks of life can meet, discuss and learn. That is the very idea of the word Forum. A broad cultural programme could supplement the Forum Jacob Pins, since there are many areas of common interest. Possible examples of these could be different exhibitions and public lectures on the conflicts in the Middle East, reasons for flight and expulsion and the role of the media in times of war. Exhibitions of the works of journalists who do and have done work similar to Anja’s could be organised, in particular the works of the recipients of the Anja Niedringhaus Prize for Photography.

The project will be realised on the ground floor of the Tilly-Haus and it will include one of the further 4 stories in the building.