Phone +49 05271 9595626
Westerbachstr. 33
37671 Höxter

Forum Anja Niedringhaus e.V.

Association for Journalistic and Artistic Photography e.V.
Westerbachstr. 33 (i. Hs. Forum Jacob Pins e.V.)
37671 Höxter

1st chairwoman

Christine Longère
Tel. +49 1512 2328765

Bank details

DE46 4725 1550 0046 5441 36 | WELADED1HXB | Sparkasse Höxter
DE50 4726 0121 2058 6117 00 | DGPBDE3M | VerbundVolksbank OWL eG Höxter


Tax number

326/5913/5890 | Tax office Höxter


Christine Longère (1. Chairwoman)

Christine Longère worked all her professional life as a staff writer for the Neue Westfälische, mainly for the culture section. She met Anja Niedringhaus when she was 17 years old and gaining her first journalistic experience as a freelancer in the Höxter editorial department of the Neue Westfälische.

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The contact continued during Anja’s time as a student in Göttingen. The opening of the exhibition “at war” in 2013 at the Forum Jacob Pins offered another opportunity for an encounter. Christine Longère’s goal is to keep alive the memory of an extraordinary, internationally highly honored colleague and to create a forum in her hometown that invites people to engage with the themes of her work and to exchange ideas. | → Mail


Ludger Haferkemper (2. Chairman)

Ludger Haferkemper was a director of studies at the König-Wilhelm-Gymnasium (KWG) in Höxter until 2015 and has since retired. He is a founding member of the Forum Anja Niedringhaus association.

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In his function as liaison teacher of the student council of the KWG he was connected with Anja in her function as student representative for several years. Many joint projects were initiated during this time. He followed Anja’s work and career with interest. Ludger Haferkemper sees it as his task “to ensure that her work, her commitment and her message are permanently honored in the Forum Anja Niedringhaus”. | → Mail


Carmen Jansen (Finance)

Carmen Jansen is from Detmold and connected to the district of Höxter through her involvement with the Cultural Foundation and the Musikfreunde Marienmünster.

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As a trained banker and more than 40 years of practice in this profession, she was often asked to be treasurer and has been voluntarily looking after several associations in financial matters for 30 years. She gladly accepted the position offered to her as treasurer of the Forum Anja Niedringhaus. | → Mail

Advisory Board

  • Beckmann, Ann-Marie (Offenbach)
  • Ebert, Michael (Hilden)
  • Ernst, Martin (Berlin)
  • Gannon, Kathy (Islamabad, Pakistan)
  • Gunter, Christa (Genolier, Switzerland)
  • Haas, Claudia (Berlin)
  • Jansen, Hans Hermann (Marienmünster)
  • Muheisen, Muhammed (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Niedringhaus, Heide Ute (Höxter)
  • Niedringhaus-Haasper, Elke (Bad Oeynhausen)
  • Opitz, Dr. Sophie-Charlotte (Stuttgart)

Extended Board (Assessor)

  • Bonefeld, Stefan
  • Diekmann, Julia (as representative of the Jacob Pins Forum)
  • Dittrich, Holger (as representative of Höxter city)
  • Ortner, Renate
  • Schackers, Bernd