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AusstellungenFotografien aus der Ukraine21.8.–31.12.2023
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Ausstellung »Courage Of A Nation«
Fotografien aus der Ukraine
von Howard G. Buffett
21. August – 31. Dezember 2023
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Anja Niedringhaus, 1965-2014

“The Power of Facts” is a selection of images from a decade and a half documenting the war and destruction, the challenges, the resilience and the courage of those in the middle.

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A powerful journey with iconic images captured by Anja Niedringhaus from different parts of the world. Moments in time recorded in history. Among these moments is a scene of a man smoking a cigar in a destroyed bus that once served as an anti-sniper barricade in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995. A U.S. Marine carries a G. I. Joe mascot in his backpack for good luck as his unit advances further into the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004. A Canadian soldier chases a chicken just before he and his unit are attacked by shells during a patrol near Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2010; Palestinian teenagers enjoying a ride at an amusement park in Gaza City, Palestine in 2006; and a Libyan rebel urging people to leave as shelling from Gadhafi’s forces landed on the front line east of Sirte, Libya in 2011. As well as other moments from Albania, Kuwait and Pakistan.

Eröffnung des Forums: Fahrer Nishan Ahingar betrachtet die Kamera von Anja Niedringhaus

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Who was Anja Niedringhaus?

Her pictures were published worldwide on the newspapers title pages. And made her famous. With empathy and respect for those affected, she photographed as much in Abu Ghuraib as in the battle for Fallujah, the tanker truck bombed in Kunduz on the orders of German Colonel Klein, or during the attacks on the headquarters of the International Red Cross in Baghdad. She was not interested in the technical machinery of war, but in what war does to people. The view behind the war, the difficult everyday life of the population, especially the daily life of children in the midst of this unbearable disaster, were important to her.

Her death on April 4, 2014, caused dismay and consternation around the world. On April 12, 2014, Anja Niedringhaus was buried in her hometown of Höxter with great public sympathy.