25. March 2023
  • Anja Niedringhaus

    Anja Niedringhaus

    Her pictures went around the world. Anja Niedringhaus has always remained close to her hometown of Höxter, where she was born in 1965. In 2014, she was shot dead in an assassination attempt in Afghanistan. [ . . . ]
  • The Forum

    The Forum

    In memory of Anja Niedringhaus, a forum for photography is currently being created in the historic Tilly House in the heart of Höxter. At the same time, the memorial will be dedicated to the victims of war and persecution. [ . . . ]
  • Her Legacy

    Her Legacy

    "If I don't photograph it, it won't be known," was her guiding principle. The power of her pictures lies in the gift of recognising what is special in a moment and showing what the machinery of war does to the people affected. [ . . . ]
  • The Society

    The Society

    Since 2017, the association "Forum Anja Niedringhaus - Verein für künstlerische und journalistische Fotografie e.V." has been pursuing the goal of creating a cultural place of encounter and exchange. [ . . . ]
  • Construction site

    Construction site

    Since 20th May 2022 the Tilly House is being rebuilt to transform it from an important architectural monument into a cultural and meeting place that keeps the memory of Anja Niedringhaus alive. [ . . . ]


Thank you for visiting the website of Forum Anja Niedringhaus in Höxter.

To create a cultural institution with charisma, has made the Association Forum Anja Niedringhaus. We would like to honor the memory of the murdered photographer Anja Niedringhaus in Afghanistan and revive the historic Tillyhaus, part of the urban Adelshof in Westerbachstraße in Höxter. Through events that stimulate the artistic and scientific examination of the causes and consequences of crises, conflicts and wars, flight and migration, awareness is to be awakened for the topics that were important to Anja Niedringhaus.


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